Color composition 2006 - 2008

1.)Start of the Year
3.)the country awakes
4.)fresh day
5.)Moon light at the lake
6.)cold morning
7.)after the rain
8.)late summer evening
9.)Montains light and clouds
11.)summer rain
12.)morning sun
13.)sunshine in the mountain
14.)at the river
15.)a day in June
16.)morning light
center.) "the moon and the girl"
17.)warm day
18.)evening clouds
19.)rought day
20.)a day in September
21.)short day
22.)at the water
23.)evening is coming
24.)in the autumn wood
25.)bad weather day
26.)the rain is gone
27.)the first snow
28.)faisting light



                       color for your soul



                                                                            original  hand signet on the front:

                                     Mixed Media: earth minerals, pigments, oil glazes, acrylic varnish "unique specimen"

    dark green gallery wrap edges with minerals, no frame needed, arrives on 1 inch deep gallery wrap stretcher frames, ready to hang.

                                      This is an unique specimen ("Original"), with staples on the back, ready to hang.


                                                                                    11 on Canvas 20" x 70", 

                                                                                    Can$  980,00  each



                                                                      Certificate of authenticity is included




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Order form  print out, fill out, and mail or fax it to me. Thank you.