"International Digital Art Exhibition"



                                           initiated by Rainer Grassmuck, Wuppertal/Germany


Join us from 24th August - 16 September 2007 in Durango CO USA


Hi Friends,
Let the show begin...
 Parys designed the invitation,  Rainer designed the poster.
Great teamwork by all participants! Thanks folks.
Great teamwork by all participants! Thanks folks.
Participating artists:
  David Borawski




            USA Climate Change - the impact Show, opening August 24th, 2007




"...9 pm and just got back from hanging all the works at
Lost Dog, took 5 hours, i wanted it to be all perfect
:) and it looks so good. Fills the whole space.

This press release from The "Durango Telegraph" i have
attached is amazing promo for the show i feel, this guy
did some research and checked out the online works as
well and wrote it up to how he felt about it all.

We are so looking forward to tommorrow afternoon,
getting there earlier than 5.30 to have a few drinks
and get the show on the road.  Will take lots of
photo's and send them over the next few days and also
need to email in the other press release as well.

St. Martin
1939 W. 3rd Avenue. Apt 1
Durango, CO 81301 USA

Tel: 970 3858 672







80s Birthday Festival of Prof. Dr. Herbert W. Franke on June 30th, 2007. first picture

Herbert wrote me . . . Thanks my Friend.


Today's the big day: 3 Webists will meet in Berlin!!!!!
 Herbert talks about 40 years of computer art from a personal point of view at the DAM, Berlin.
His works will be on show.  Heinz and  Björn will be there too!!!


6. September 2007 | Berlin
Digital Art Museum

40 Jahre Computerkunst aus persönlicher Sicht

Talk und Diskussion mit Prdf. Dr. Herbert W. Franke anlässlich der Ausstellung der diesjährigen Nominierten für den Computerkunstpreis

"d.velop dogital art award" des Digital Art Museum DAM, Tucholskystr. 37, Berlin


Love and Hugs
Py, Ingrid
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