I am still brutally shocked, traumatic by the letter from the new CS Minister Fritz


Minister Fritz covered now the criminal CS cruelty up with "this is under the Alberta privately Act and protected by the Alberta Government"

Premier Mr. Ed Stelmach ever checked out the psycho killing from children, the mothers and the families by this human killer group?


                                                        SP wondering

Requesting a public inquiry into Alberta Government "Children's Services"
The Alberta Government Person / Supervisior Ms. Maggie Serpa ordered manipulated reports to manipulate the “independent Judge Madam Flatter,” but Ms. Maggie Serpa is involved in the manipulation from Assessment. See the videos etc. Ms. Maggie Serpa traumatized my grandson, my daughter my family, she telling a lie the Court every time and the Court is happy about all the lies, because this is an Order from the Alberta government Lady Ms. Maggie Serpa. The Minister of Justice wrote me “The Judges are independent”. She Ms. Maggie Serpa told the Court Judge Ms. McLellan she doing this professional play since 2002. How many children, moms, families are killed by this lying Lady? We have to stop the hurting and suffer from Children and the Families in Calgary now and Justice is Justice. Please fill out the petition form and protect Calgary's children and families for being killed by this person and the helper. Justice for every human, I mean children and families are human, right.

here is the petition form for the "Public Inquery"


Please fill out the petition form to stopp the serious human right crime her in Calgary, maybe in whole Alberta, Canada.

Thank you for your time.


no kids for the undereducated Bully's.

The Alberta Government, Maggie Serpa ordered by the "Independent" Judge to order a racism Order January 9, 2007, he did it, but is he "Independent"?

The Order was against Hans.

Fraser Gordon faxed me this paper after the Court time, but the Judge ........ read this paper, I don't think so.


The Alberta Government, Maggie Serpa bulled my daughter to play Munchausen's, to protect her son for taken and torture again.

Also Ms. Maggie Serpa  told the Judge, she is the Supervisor and she is professional and running this job since 2002. And now she pressed our daughter to play the biggest Munchhausen in Calgary or her son is taken away, again.

This government Lady told me and my Witness in here office things . . .

I don't care.


We are wondering why the Alberta government is protecting the court manipulation, we need a Public Inquiry.



After the Alberta Government Agent Gina Yeo who told the Judge she is professional, who sworn wrong under oat to the Judge. So, our four year old grandson was taken for Alberta government brain washing and torture.

On April 19, 2006, at ~19.45 p.m. our grandson was as hostage taken for pressing our daughter to some assessments. Our grandson was than brainwashes, torture and traumatize by some Alberta government people. Our Honorable Premier Mr. Ralf Klein was informed by me, but I informed the new Honorable Premier Mr. Ed Stelmach to.

Anyway, Aaron Borrel the guy with the adoption cruelty play, the right hand from the Alberta government Lady Maggie Serpa told us this is one of the biggest Businesses in Alberta. He mean  after the Oil-and Gas-Industry?

Wow, how many Billions of Canadian Dollars . . .


People here saying